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Success with the complete solution

We oblige the customer with supplying complete assemblies. In our assembly shop we comlete and cultivate challenging assemblies for industry and commerce.

Sized control

  • Visual inspection, sorting - taking part according to the submitted requests, labeling parts.
  • Monitoring using optical equipment (microscopes, endoscopes, magnifying glasses).
  • Inspection of parts using gauges (municipal, special and more).
  • Inspection of parts with tools – with long-term projects we provide from our own resources.
  • Functional testing of parts.

All works are done in a clean and dust-free environments. There also can be processed components, that are sensitive to heat, moisture or dust. Due to the continuous expansion of our company, we have got next to our permanent staff available partner companies, that also have experience with installation, finishing and sorting work, so that we can quickly and at the highest quality arrange large volume orders too.

Extra work

  • repairing parts
  • deburring, metal rasp
  • treatment of parts
  • cleaning, degreasing and rust removal of parts
  • and more


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