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The fulfillment of the mandatory share of persons with disabilities. The current amendment to the Employment 435/2004 Coll., According to law 81 par. 1) with effect from 1 January 2005, gives all companies in Czech Republic with more than 25 employees to employ at least 4% of disabled persons.Share is calculated from the reference average annual recalculation employees in the company. Filling the employer shall notify in writing the labor office no later than 02.15 the following year. Used to form the Labour Office:

Notification of fulfillment mandatory proportion of employment of persons with disabilities.

If the employer does not have the option to employ the required percentage of people with disabilities, then employer can combine the following options:

  1. job ozp
  2. drain of money into the state budget
  3. support shall firms employing indemnification purchase products and services from sheltered workshops

Payment to the state budget

For every person, that the employer should employ, the amount of the levy 2.5 times the average monthly salary in the national economy 1 to 3 fifteen flies the calendar year.

Purchase products and services from shelter workshop

For a sheltered workshop is regarded company, that employs at least 50% of employees with disabilities. Sampling of products and services, companies can use under Decree 518/2004 Coll. and, moreover contribute to reduce unemployment in the region.

Premium paid for products or services (excluding VAT) is divided by 7-times the average monthly salary from the first to third quarters of the calendar year. In performance, according to 18 reg. no. 518/2004 Coll. It includes headcount confirmed by employing persons with disabilities.

Indicative comparison table for payment to the state budget

Number of employeesMinimum number of employees with disabilitiesPayment to the state budget in CZKConsumption of goods or services from sheltered workshops in CZK
25 - 49143.750131.250
50 – 74287.500262.500
75 - 1003131.250393.750

* The average monthly salary from the first to the third quarter of the preceding calendar year is announced based on data from the Czech Statistical Office published in the Official Gazette.

Why to draw indemnification

  • meet legal obligations
  • reducing unemployment by supporting sheltered workshops, which will use funds to improve working conditions persons with disabilities
  • when the company reported a trade mark,than provides quality products and services
  • thanks to substitute filling tax savings


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